Belgian eID installation on Ubuntu 14.04

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Belgian eID installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Merlijn Sebrechts

I figured out the steps to get my eID working on Ubuntu 14.04. I made an Askubuntu question about it and answered it myself:

I found three problems, maybe someone can help me with that?

1) The official documentation is really terrible. The worst page is this one: Does anybody have contacts at the eID department? I would like to propose a few changes to that page to make it more clear, but I don't know who to contact.

2) The official documentation on how to configure Google Chrome is outdated, and I think this configuration should/could be included in the middleware installer for Linux... Chrome also needs to be restarted while your card reader is connected for it to work.

3) I can't get the Google Chrome configuration to work on Ubuntu 14.04 32bit.

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