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Jan Bongaerts
The man asks kindly to forward the mail, so there you go...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Laurent Séguin <[hidden email]>
Date: 27 March 2014 14:57
Subject: International petition: no more racketware
To: [hidden email]
Cc: Contact Racketiciel <[hidden email]>


I'm Laurent President of the "French speaking Libre Software Users'
Association" (AFUL in french).
Our NGO works on several subjects about free software and one of them,
that will interest you, is the forced sale of softwares with hardware.
We work on this subject for many years and we fight on courts and in
policy actions in France and EU.

We call these softwares that you are forced to buy the "racketwares"
(racketiciels in french).

Our goal with this action is to render, to consumers, the choice of his
softwares when he buys hardware (computer, tablet, smartphone, …) and to
not pay for non-libre software bundled with hardware. Indeed, we are
certain that if people can choose, the free software will be better
known and therefore more used.
In a context of revelations of Edward Snowden, where we had evidence
that there are backdoors in non-free software, and the use of trojans,
used to spy on people, this issue becomes even more important.

Ubuntu is the more used of GNU/Linux distributions and many work are
made to make it run on any devices (computers, tablets and phones). I
think you should make of our fight against the Racketwares your fight.

This week, we have launched an international petition on this subject
and we need you to popularize and keep it publicized.

This petition is available in many languages:

And supported by many organization around the world (list still open):

Can you please call your members and supporters to sign the petition, to
make it even more known and ensure that it remains as "hot topic"? We
propose a few banners to help to popularize but do not hesitate to
create yours if needed :

We only can succeed on this action if we get the support of the whole
community of free software users, and if they explain why this fight is
important for them.

You can have more information at http://no.more.racketware.info/
If you read french, you can look deeper about what we done at

Fell free to contact our specialized team on this subject at
<[hidden email]> if you need more informations or anything else.

Best regards,

Laurent Séguin, Président de l'AFUL
-= Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres =-
      *Faire émerger un monde numérique, ouvert et loyal*
          https://aful.org/ - [hidden email]

Clé OpenPGP : 0xBDF26D28

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