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Jan Claeys
Not sure what we think about this...

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Van: Martin Owens <[hidden email]>
Reply-to: "Ubuntu local community team \(LoCo\) contacts"
<[hidden email]>
Aan: Ubuntu local community team (LoCo) contacts
<[hidden email]>
Onderwerp: Request for Comment: Launchpad LoCo Tools
Datum: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 00:26:33 -0400

Hello Local Community contacts,

We have an idea to improve the way we do some of the organisational work
for Local Community groups. Specifically improvements to how we organise
and conduct meetings, record minuets and action items and so forth.

We'd like to implement a set of tools for this sort of thing in
Launchpad and to do this we're going to do these things:

 * Have a technical requirements discussion in #ubuntu-meeting
 * Write up a blueprint using the requirements.
 * Present the ideas and blueprint to a Community Council meeting.
 * Get some friendly python devs to code it up.
 * Get launchpad devs to deploy it in their next round.


Please add to fridge Fri 7th August 22:00 GMT, #ubuntu-meeting if you
know how or have access to a central google calendar.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
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Jan Claeys

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