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As announced yesterday during the IRC meeting, I'm currently working
on cleaning the situation of the site after the
unexpected server change the happened right after Lucid release. As
you may know from my previous email on this list, the code for is unmaintained and I've been (slowly) working on a
new version (a Drupal module). With the server change, I've decided to
retire and to put the new version online ASAP. In
the meantime, I setuped a landing page so visitors to should now be greeted with some brief explanation.

This landing page is currently only available in English and needs to
be translated. If you are willing to contribute, you can either
translate the page online if you are member of the Ubuntu-be Web
Editor team (on Launchpad) or provide a translation by mail. Feel also
free to suggest any enhancement to the English text.

Pierre Buyle

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